My new album “Just Be There” is about to hit final recording phase and I want to make you guys part of the adventure while I’m working on it. Some of you already heard 3 or more of the new songs at my live shows over the past month and I’ve been getting great feedback! Thank you so much!!! I am so excited to release them to everyone ells!

Firstly let me be clear I’m not giving up Afrikaans music for another market. I am busy finalising writing on my next Afrikaans album as well. This new album is to show a deferent side of me and my music and I’m just expanding my horizons and venturing into deferent exciting territories and musical landscapes.

For reasons yet to be revealed all the songs that came from my pen for months now happened to be English. Except those I had to write for clients and other Afrikaans projects. Before I knew, I had all the songs I needed to compile together a new album. So I am letting this project kinda unfold itself and letting the music go where it wants to go.

I’m calling this album #JustBeThere. Why you ask? Because yes, follow your heart and make plans but sometimes by just being alive, and being here, living for today and to embrace every moment while being present is all we need to be. Maybe we should just live a little, that is where all the good stuff happens in anyway. Amazing relationships, love, hurt, healing and standing up when we fall. That is the underlying concept of this project. 

I am arranging, producing and recording most of the album myself. I am outsourcing 2-3 songs to an amazing producer and he is in a very well known SA band. His name will be revealed in one of the next blogs. Also working with great musicians and mentors at Coleske Artists to make sure this album is tip top!

I am putting everything I learned from my studies in Sound Engineering and Music Production, Songwriting, and Performing and the experience over the past 10 years in all of the above into this project. The sound of my new album will be completely me from start to finish, and that excites me allot!

Follow my Facebook page for weekly updates on the project or follow this blog for insight into the process and progress. 

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